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Item number: 1027491

Southern fried breaded drumstick


In response to the demand for our Southern fried breaded inner fillets and chicken fillets, we’ve added a chicken drumstick version of the popular dish to our Top Table range.

The chicken drumstick is a tasty and juicy cut, which creates a delicious contrast with the crispy, spicy Southern Fried breading. It’s the perfect mix of chicken and breading, and the spicy taste has a touch of paprika and herbs.

Southern Fried traces its roots back to the African-American kitchen and the popular tradition of “soul food”. The idea of breading chicken arose when the American tradition of deep frying chicken met the tasty spices of the West African kitchen. This led to a crispy and tasty chicken product that’s so great it makes your soul happy.

The Southern Fried breaded chicken drumstick are so delicious, you can eat them without sides. This makes them ideal as a snack or as food to go. They also work particularly well in grilled dishes with sides such as fries.

The drumsticks can be used straight from frozen by heating them up in the oven or deep frying them. That said, we recommend not using too much heat on the frozen drumsticks. You can also defrost them if you want to be sure to balance the crispy breading with a thoroughly heated piece of chicken.


Order our Southern Fried breaded chicken drumsticks from your local wholesaler – or contact one of our consultants.


Southern Fried breaded chicken drumstick, 1027491