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Shredded chicken breast, cuban mojo


Where would you like to take your customers for their next flavour experience?

How about a nice trip to the Canary Islands, or perhaps to the beautiful Cuba with its sub-tropic climate?

Since our steam cooked shredded chicken breast fillet is now available in a Cuban Mojo version, you don’t even have to choose between these two.

Mojo is the Spanish word for sauce, and the sauce used for this product originates from the Canary Islands.

And right now, you’re probably wondering about the Cuban connection, right? Well, Spain colonised Cuba and the Canary Islands around the same time in the 14th Century. The Canary Islands were an extremely important node whenever ships needed to reach the colonies. For that reason, a lot of people immigrated to Cuba from the Canary Islands, and as a result, these two countries have always been very closely connected. In fact, they still are to this day.

The immigrants from the Canary Islands brought their own Mojo (sauce) with them to Cuba. Here, they combined the sauce with traditional Cuban spices such as coriander, garlic, oregano, and lime.

Within Top Tables’ steam cooked shredded chicken breast fillet – Cuban Mojo, lime is definitely the most prominent flavour. The lime adds a nice fresh sensation to the flavour, which, in combination with the taste of oregano and coriander, gives the chicken an amazing and unique flavour.

This product is shredded by hand, of course – which will provide your guests with the feeling that this is an authentic and homecooked product. In addition to Cuban Mojo, the Top Table assortment also offers varieties such as the regular steam cooked shredded chicken breast fillet and steam cooked shredded chicken breast fillet – Cajun.

Among the many ways that this product can be served, we would like to emphasise:

Wraps, sandwiches, Poke Bowls, or in salads.

Order our steam cooked shredded chicken breast fillet, Cuban Mojo with your local wholesaler – or contact one our consultants.


Roasted Chicken Breast Fillet in slices, 5mm, 10155111