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Item number: 1003138

Organic chicken drumsticks 100-180g


The drumstick is one of the most popular chicken cuts. And these organic chicken drumsticks from Chefs Club are only going to make it more popular.

The chicken drumsticks come from the slow-growing Hubbard that is free to roam the Italian mountainside for more than 81 days. The chicken develops a pair of strong, muscular legs, which means that you end up with a meaty, tasty product bound to impress your guests.

The product is particularly popular with canteens who want to be recognised as organic. This popularity stems from the quality of the meat, animal welfare, and delicious taste, not to mention the fact that the big drumsticks take up lots of space on each and every plate. This increases the profitability of each plate as the drumsticks has a relatively cheap price per kilo compared to other meat products.

To ensure that you receive clean, organic raw goods and the chance to serve an authentic taste of chicken to your customers, the organic chicken drumsticks come unmarinated. Furthermore, the product is neatly trimmed, so all you have to think about is how to add your signature touch!

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Organic chicken drumsticks, 100-180g, 1003138