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Item number: 1003618

Organic chicken inner fillet, raw


Our organic chicken inner fillet from Chefs Club is guaranteed an incredibly tender cut that has a similar size to a regular fillet.

The inner fillet is sourced from the Ross breed which, through organic upbringing, has the ability to grow big and strong in no time. And that’s the exact framework it’s given in the Italian mountains, where it builds its natural, powerful muscle in the sunny and moist Mediterranean climate.

That type of upbringing can be seen and tasted. With good reason, the inner fillet is also referred to as the “tenderloin” of the chicken, and its rectangular shape is reminiscent of tenderloin in both size and tenderness. But, because these inner fillets are bigger than most, you can actually serve them whole or as part of a buffet.

Our organic chicken inner fillets are neatly trimmed, so you don’t need to waste time prepping the raw goods. You’re able to save time and money, which you can dedicate to adding your signature touch instead.

Marinate and serve the inner fillets whole, or cut up the tender meat for a stew, baked dish, sandwich, wrap, or skewers. With these organic inner fillets, the options for amazing dishes with a taste of umami are endless!

Read more about animal welfare and our organic supplier in Italy


Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the product have the Keyhole Label? Yes, it is both certified organic and Keyhole labelled.

Can I buy the raw goods directly through you? No, we sell our products through retailers and wholesalers. You can order the product through your local wholesaler or contact one of our consultants and have them do it for you.

How much bigger is this inner fillet in comparison to the regular ones? These organic chicken fillets weigh around 100 grams and are therefore bigger than regular inner fillets. This means that you can serve them whole with a selection of sides.

Organic chicken inner fillet, 1003618