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Item number: 1003873

Corn fed chicken supreme 180-220g


Corn-fed chicken is a specialty from the South of France. It’s known for its beautiful, yellow colour, which is caused by one of its unique genes – further amplified by corn-feeding the chicken.

The corn-filled diet gives the tender and juicy meat a touch of fatty sweetness. This means that the meat has more taste than a regular chicken.

In other words, these corn-fed chicken breasts are raw goods with the most brilliant taste, texture, and appearance. And the unique supreme cut that leaves the wing joint and skin intact adds that last touch of extravagance. A unique product bound to impress your guests!

Our corn-fed chicken is, of course, raised in France in accordance with French traditions. And because the breasts are frozen after butchery, you can rest assured that they retain their fresh, natural taste all the way to your kitchen.

Order our corn-fed chicken breast supreme through your local wholesaler – or contact one of our consultants.


 Corn fed chicken breast supreme, 2x180-220g, 1003873