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Item number: 1013191

Chickendrumsticks texasbbq 110-130g


Everything is bigger in Texas, and these juicy, tasty Texas BBQ chicken drumsticks are no exception!

Aside from being a generous piece of meat, these thighs have a barbecued and slightly spicy taste, making it a hit for all kinds of guests – including children. So aside from having a product with a low cost per serving, these chicken thighs are designed to satisfy guests of all ages.

Texas BBQ started out as a unique barbecuing method in the middle of the 19th century, when German and Czech settlers opened butchers in central Texas. They introduced the Americans to the European tradition of smoking unsold meat, so they could store and keep it. These leftovers became so popular among immigrant workers in the area that a smoked meat market emerged over time.

Decades later, barbecue joints started popping up on practically every street corner in Texas. These days, Texas BBQ is associated with marinated meat that tends to be on the spicy side, which isn’t surprising seeing as Texas borders on Mexico.

With these spicy, barbecued chicken drumsticks from Top Table, you can offer your guests the authentic and popular taste of Texas BBQ. The drumsticks can be served individually and as part of the buffet, and we recommend serving it with different salads, potatoes, and pasta dishes.


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