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Item number: 1010111

Chicken inner fillet 100%, 40g+-


With our fresh chicken inner fillets from Chefs Club, you are quite easily able to serve a delicious and tender cut for your guests.

The inner fillet is placed on the inside of the chicken’s spine, and that’s why it’s also known as the “tenderloin” of the chicken. In other words, this is a nice, tender piece of meat, which, to top it all off, is fresh. In this way, you don’t have to do any defrosting, giving you more flexibility in your kitchen. The product is without added brine, which means that your guests experience the pure and natural taste of chicken.

As usual, you can put your faith in the fact that the inner fillets are neatly cleaned and have a consistently high quality. An extra benefit connected to these fresh chicken inner fillets occurs in their long shelf life. We guarantee a shelf life of an entire 10-12 days, starting the day your wholesaler has received the products. In this way, it’s easier for you to use the products in your dishes before their expiration date, and you are able to avoid freezing the meat and/or throwing it out.

Additionally, the chickens are born, raised, and slaughtered in Denmark. Read more about one of our Danish farmers who provides us with these fresh chicken fillets

Order our fresh chicken inner fillets 100% with your local wholesaler – or contact one of our consultants. At the moment, this product is only available in Denmark and Sweden.


 Chicken inner fillet 100%, 40+g - Fresh, 1010111