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Chefs Club

Item number: 1010891

Chicken innerfillet 100% 30-50g raw


Our raw chicken inner fillet 100% from Chefs Club not only gives you the clean, authentic taste of chicken, but also the most tender cut the animal has to offer!

The inner fillet is located on the inside of the chicken’s vertebrae, and due to its placement and the tenderness of the meat, this cut is usually called the “tenderloin” of chicken. And seeing as there’s no added water, you get the natural consistency and an unbelievably tasty product!

The raw inner fillets are frozen quickly and separately, so you can easily pick up the exact number that you need for your dishes. And the quick freezing ensures the integrity of the natural taste and structure.

In other words, this is a quality raw product that allows you to add your signature touch to your dishes.

Order our chicken inner fillets 100% from your local wholesaler – or contact one of our consultants!


Chicken inner fillet 100%, 30-50g, 1010891