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Item number: 1004311

Calibrated chicken fillet 100-150g


Our calibrated chicken breast fillets from Chefs Club gives you the clean and authentic taste of chicken.

The fillets consist of 100% meat, so the only water is the water the chicken has drunk itself. The advantage of this is the fact that the product practically doesn’t shrink during preparation. In other words, you get the grams you pay for!

Furthermore, the calibrated chicken fillets are neatly trimmed, so you and your kitchen staff can get straight to work. No more wasting time and money on trimming the fillets – with our calibrated chicken breast fillets, you can spend that time adding your signature touch to your dishes instead.

And because the fillets are frozen quickly and individually, it’s easy for you to pick out the exact amount you need. The freezing also ensures that the product retains its freshness until you thaw and prepare it. The quick freezing also helps the fillets maintain their natural taste, authentic structure, and high quality.

Order our calibrated chicken breast fillet (100%) through your local wholesaler – or contact one of our consultants.

 Calibrated chicken breast fillet, 100%, 110-150g, 1004311