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Chickenescalope jamaican jerk, 30g


More than 2500 years ago, a tribe of Arawak people settled down on an island in the Caribbean Sea. They had neither fridges nor freezers, so they developed a unique method for increasing the shelf life of their meat. They discovered that their meat would stay good for longer if they marinated and smoked it slowly. But what they didn’t know was that this technique resulted in meat so tender and tasty that it would still be used thousands of years into the future.

These days, that technique is known as Jerk, and the island, well, that was Jamaica. With this unique version of Top Table’s roasted chicken escalope, you can bring that authentic taste of Jamaican Jerk straight into your kitchen!

Escalope is actually a French cut, in which the top of the fillet is cut off and beaten until flat in order to break down the fibres. This results in a tender piece of meat, which we’ve cut into small medallions that are then roasted and marinated using a special Jamaican Jerk marinade consisting of 12 different spices, including cayenne, pepper, ginger, and chili.

Our Jamaican Jerk roasted chicken breast escalope gives you the best of both the French and the Jamaican kitchens. Plus, you save time on cutting up, preparing, and marinating the chicken. The tender and tasty medallions can be used straight from the bag, and with their uniform size and weight of 30g, they are the perfect match for sandwiches, burgers, and sliders.

And don’t worry… Jamaican Jerk is a flavour for everyone – including children!


Would you like a neutral version of our grilled chicken escalope to season yourself? Then our regular roasted chicken breast escalope, 30g might be the perfect fit for you!


 Roasted chicken breast escalope - jamaican jerk, 30g, 1015051