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Item number: 1005571

Chicken breast w/skin 180-220g


Chicken breast fillet with skin is an amazing alternative to regular chicken fillets.

The skin gives the fillet even more taste and makes it easier for the meat to retain its juiciness and tenderness. The skin also gives you the chance to play around with the contrasts in the consistency of the dish. For example, you can fry the skin on a piece of juicy chicken breast until crisp.   

There are many good reasons to choose chicken fillets with skin. And with our chicken breast fillets with skin from Chefs Club, you can rest assured that the skin covers the entire chicken breast. The fillet doesn’t contain brine, so what you receive is 100% meat – and the authentic taste of chicken.

After the chicken has been cut by hand, the breast fillets are frozen to -18 degrees in just 15 minutes. This quick freezing ensures that the meat retains its freshness as well as its natural structure and authentic taste.

Order our chicken breast fillet with skin through your local wholesaler – or contact one of our consultants.


Chicken breast fillet with skin 100%, 180-220g