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Item number: 1000731

Chicken breast supreme, 180-220g


Chicken Supreme, Statler Chicken, Airline Chicken… The unique cut has been given many names over the years, but its reputation for being a high-quality product has never changed.

The meat is cut up by hand, keeping the first joint of the wing as well as the chicken breast itself. This gives the meat its natural and organic structure, which looks gorgeous on a plate. The wing joint acts as an additional bonus for your guests as they enjoy the chicken breast.

The first name for the cut can be traced back to 1907, when the world-famous hotel chain Statler Hotels opened their first hotel in Buffalo, New York. Back then, only the wealthy could afford to stay at a hotel, and the menus offered this group of people the “Statler Chicken”. Another name for the cut emerged around 20 years ago, when flying by airplane was a luxury. The cut was served to the lucky passengers who could afford airfare onboard the plane. At this point, the cut became known as “Airline Chicken”.

We’ve taken an inspirational trip into the traditional, French kitchen and chosen the name “Supreme”, named after the French word for the cut: suprême de volaille.

Our Chefs Club assortment offers chicken breast supreme in two different sizes: 120-160g and 180-220g. This allows you to pick the size that best fits your kitchen and your guests.

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 Chicken breast supreme, 180-220g, 1000731