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Item number: 1018391

Steamed shredded cajun chicken


Aside from our regular steam cooked and shredded chicken breast fillet, our Top Table range also offers a Cajun-marinated version.

Cajun food is a tradition that traces its roots back to the 1800s. French settlers were forced to travel from North America to the southern states, specifically Louisiana. Up in the north, they had learned to live off what the earth gave them, but down in Louisiana they had to get used to new and unfamiliar ingredients.

They created the Cajun tradition, which is known for being spicy and tasty. The use of spices like chili, paprika, garlic, cumin, and nutmeg, not to mention oregano and thyme, resulted in the creation of an unbelievably tasty spice mix!

Combined with our steam cooked and shredded chicken breast fillet, the Cajun seasoning leads to a delicious end product. As the meat has been plucked from a steam cooked chicken fillet, it has a natural and homemade look. Also, it helps you save lots of time on handling, steaming, cutting up, and marinating raw chicken fillets. All the same, you end up with a product that looks and tastes homemade!

You can pour all that time you save into incorporating the meat into your dishes instead. With the delicious Cajun taste, this product is particularly well-suited for Mexican dishes like tacos, nachos, and tortillas. You can also use it in your salads or as pulled chicken in your burgers or sandwiches.


Order our steam cooked and shredded Cajun chicken breast fillet from your local wholesaler today – or contact one of our consultants!

Steam cooked shredded chicken breast fillet, cajun, 1018391