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Item number: 1090578

Steam cooked organic hendices, 15mm


With our organic hen dices, you can serve this authentic classic to your guests – and in an organic version, no less!

The steam cooked hen dices are made in the traditional way, using a mix of thigh and breast meat. This gives you the best of both cuts. And thanks to the natural appearance of the dices, it looks like you’ve steam cooked a raw chicken and cut it into dices yourself.

The fact that the dices come from an organic chicken means that you end up with an incredibly tasty product. The chicken has lived a good, long life with plenty of space, and the meat bears witness to that. And the fact that the product is organic means that you can promote your dishes in a variety of contexts.

You can use the dices in organic versions of the classic chicken salad or in organic sandwiches, soups, and stews.

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Steam cooked organic hen meat in dices, 15mm, 1090578