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Item number: 1018451

Steamed chicken fillet strips 12mm


Boiled chicken strips are great for a range of dishes. With our boiled chicken breast fillet strips, incorporating them has never been easier or more appealing for you!

The strips give the meat a tender structure, reflecting the high quality of the product. When it comes to appearance and consistency, the product looks like you’ve boiled the raw chicken fillets and cut them into strips yourself.

The boiled chicken strips have a great, neutral taste. This makes them the perfect base ingredient for a variety of dishes to which you can add your signature touch. The boiled chicken strips are generally ideal for dishes where the taste comes from a different element, such as curry or chili. You can also use the strips in classic pasta, noodle, and rice dishes. Or, you can serve them in a sandwich, salad, or wrap.

As with our other Top Table products, you can easily pull out the number of strips you need. Say you only need 500 grams – all you have to do is grab those 500 g and zip lock the bag shut again.

This makes it easy to calculate how many grams you need in each dish, making it easy to figure out how many servings are in a bag of 2500 g. In other words, there are even economic advantages to getting this chicken product onboard!

Order our boiled chicken breast fillet strips from your local wholesaler today – or contact one of our consultants!

Steam cooked chicken breast fillet in strips, 12 mm, 1018451