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Item number: 1063071

Turkey breast, 800-1100g, raw


Get the clean, natural taste of turkey with our raw turkey breast from Chefs Club!

The turkey is a large and majestic bird originating from the United States east coast. The large, gorgeous turkey breast is a lean, tender, and delicious piece of meat. The cut comes from a female turkey, which ensures a finer texture than a cut from the male counterpart. And with the high protein content, the turkey breast is the ideal food item to add to your menu if you want to grab the attention of a more health-conscious target audience.

Weighing up to 1100 grams, this cut can easily be cut into strips, diced, or even prepared as schnitzels in your dishes. You can also fry the entire turkey breast, carve it, and stick it in the buffet or use it as a cold cut for your sandwiches.

In other words, this turkey breast presents you with a wide range of exciting serving options. And the product comes neatly trimmed and prepped, which means that you save time on handling. The turkey breasts are vacuum-sealed individually so you can defrost the exact amount you need.

Order our large, gorgeous turkey breast from Chefs Club from your local wholesaler – or contact one of our consultants!


Turkey breast, 800-1100g, 1063071