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Top Table

Item number: 1024251

Chicken nugget 19-21 g


Our battered chicken nuggets from Top Table are nugget products of the highest quality!

The battered chicken nuggets are made from chicken breast fillets. This allows you to serve the pure taste of chicken with an amazing consistency and texture, thanks to the light and crispy dough. When you bite through it, the lovely, white fillet meat comes into view, contributing to the overall dining experience.

Aside from a high, uniform quality, these battered chicken nuggets have a standard weight of 20 grams. This means that you can easily calculate how much to charge for the nuggets, making it easier to ensure a good revenue for your kitchen. And when it comes to preparing and serving them, you save lots of time. The battered nuggets can be heated through from frozen or in a deep fryer, and the zip lock on the bag ensures that you can quickly pick out the exact number of nuggets you need.

Our battered nuggets are the perfect product for kids’ menus and buffets. But that’s not to say that your grownup guests shouldn’t enjoy the delicious nuggets as well. Serve them as finger foods, in a snack basket, or on a plate with fries, salad, and a dip.


Order our battered chicken nuggets from your local wholesaler – or contact one of our consultants!


Battered chicken nugget, 20g, 1024251