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Item number: 1014111

Roasted chicken strips 6-8mm


Roasted chicken in strips can be used in a variety of dishes, and our roasted chicken fillet in strips from Top Table make things easy and delicious for you!

The strips are made from raw, whole chicken fillets. After undergoing heat treatment, the fillets are cut into slices, which helps make the meat tender and juicy. The strips have a lovely, golden colour and a great, fried flavour, and as they’re cut by hand, they look homemade when you serve them.

In other words, these are tasty and inviting chicken strips of the highest uniform quality. As the strips come ready-to-serve, you are able to focus on other things in your kitchen. Use the chicken strips in sandwiches, pita breads, sliders, and wraps. You can also use them as pizza and salad toppings or as part of a chicken mix.

The options are endless. And because the grilled chicken strips have a neutral taste, you can add your signature touch using your own spices and dressings.

Order the roasted chicken fillet in strips, 6-8mm, from your local wholesaler – or contact one of our consultants!