Top Table

Top Table

Item number: 1015111

Roasted chicken fillet slices 5 mm


Our roasted chicken breast fillet in slices are a juicy and delicious chicken product with a range of uses.

The unique thing about these chicken slices is that they’re cut from a whole breast fillet. This results in a nice piece of meat. As the slices are cut by hand, they have an authentic and homemade look.

The roasted chicken breast fillet in slices from Top Table have a thickness of 5mm. This is especially useful if you use them for sandwiches, as the slices are easier to distribute, and they take up more space in your sandwiches and other dishes. This helps you ensure that you and your staff use the same number of slices, which is an economic advantage for you and your kitchen.

We know that chicken slices are the foundation for many signature dishes, so you can rest assured that our roasted chicken fillet in slices are always of a high, uniform quality. The neutral taste of the product allows you to add your signature touch to the juicy chicken slices. Use them in everything from sandwiches, wraps, bagels, and pita breads to pizzas, pies, and stews.

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Roasted Chicken Breast Fillet in slices, 5mm, 10155111