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Item number: 1015091

Roasted chicken breast escalope 30g


Spice up your sandwiches, burgers, and chicken dishes with our roasted chicken breast escalope from Top Table.

Escalope is a French cut, where the top of the fillet is cut off and beaten until flat in order to break down the fibres. This results in a tender piece of meat, which we’ve cut into small medallions and roasted, so you and your kitchen can serve them straight away!

The tender escalope medallions have a uniform size and weight of 30 grams. This makes them the perfect fit for sandwiches and the likes, as you can easily calculate and maintain the exact price per sandwich (e.g. three chicken escalopes per sandwich). This gives you an economic advantage, while your guests can rest assured that they will be getting the same sandwich every time – regardless of who serves it. The escalope is also a good choice for burgers or baked dishes like creamed chicken.

Furthermore, the roasted escalope medallions are neutral in taste, so you can add your signature touch before serving them. If you prefer a pre-marinated version, we also offer a Jamaican Jerk version.


Roasted chicken breast escalope, 30g, 1015091