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Item number: 1015611

Roasted fillet slices tex-mex, 7 mm


Do you want to incorporate the popular taste of Tex-Mex into your kitchen in a simple and effective way? Our Top Table range now includes Tex-Mex-marinated roasted chicken fillet in slices!

Tex-Mex is a spicy marinade consisting of great ingredients like chili, black pepper, mustard, garlic, and tomatoes. Paired with these juicy chicken slices that are cut by hand using a whole chicken fillet, you can rest assured that this marinade produces a tender and tasty end product.

Tex-Mex is often associated with Mexican food. But, while the tradition originated in Mexico, it’s actually part of the American kitchen. The word is a portmanteau of Texas and Mexico, and it refers to a special kitchen tradition from Texas. But, the area was part of Mexico before it became American in 1845.

In other words, Tex-Mex is the food tradition that came from the Texan population with Mexican roots. This means that these Tex-Mex-marinated chicken breast fillet in slices are perfect for things like tacos, burritos, quesadillas, fajitas, and enchiladas. You can also use the slices in sandwiches, wraps, bagels, pita bread, and on pizza.

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 Roasted chicken breast fillet in slices, tex-mex, 7mm, 1015611