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Top Table

Item number: 1013171

Roasted smoky BBQ wings XL 40-60g


Smoky BBQ Wings XL are a juicy, delicious, and meaty product. The wings have an authentic aroma of smoke, which you can smell as soon as you open the bag. Combined with the sweetness of the BBQ marinade, you can count on this aroma to make the wings taste phenomenal.

Even though smoking is an ancient method for preparing meat, it’s coming back into fashion in professional kitchens. Aside from the popular smoky taste, the smoke itself breaks down the tough protein in the muscle tissue, collagen, which makes the meat nice and tender.

The meaty, smoky BBQ wings from Top Table weigh 40-60 grams and have aptly been labelled XL as a result. The wings are split up by the first and second joints to make handling even easier for you – and eating them even more comfortable for your guests.

Although the delicious, smoky BBQ wings XL are prepared in advance, we recommend blasting them on strong heat to make the skin nice and crispy.

The wings are ideal for buffets, finger foods, picnic baskets, and sharing!


Roasted smoky BBQ wings XL (1&2 joints), 40-60g, 1013171