Top Table

Top Table

Item number: 1013211

Roasted hot wings, 30-40g


The roasted hot wings from Top Table are a true classic, bound to rouse excitement and make mouths water.

The recipe can be traced back to 1964, when Teressa Bellissimo served her son and his friends the famous Buffalo Wings at Anchor Bar in Buffalo. This was meant to be a simple midnight snack that Bellissimo threw together that night. But the wings were so well-received that she put “Buffalo Wings” on the menu the next day.

Just like Bellissimo’s wings, these roasted hot wings from Top Table are marinated using a delicious hot sauce – and just as before, these wings are a hit. The spicy taste has a touch of celery, and that’s no coincidence. That night all those years ago, Bellissimo served the delicious hot wings with a side of celery sticks. So, talk about keeping it authentic!

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The roasted wings are frozen separately, so you can pick up from the bag the exact number of wings you need. And, because wings always taste better with good company, you can go ahead and serve them as a shared dish for the table. If you want to mix things up a little, you can always combine them with our four other wing products: BBQ Wings, Smoky BBQ Wings XL, Tex-Mex Wings, Hot Kicking Wings, and Hickory Wings.

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 Roasted hot wingas (1&2 joint), 30-40g, 1013211