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Item number: 1013231

Roasted bbq wings, 30-40 g


Wings and BBQ go hand in hand, just like the United States and American football. So, of course you should have the chance to put BBQ Wings on your menu!

The BBQ marinade gives the juicy meat a sweet and slightly spicy flavour that’s bound to be a hit with guests of all ages. Combined with the grilled meat, your guests are in for a dining experience that will make them think of barbecues, sunshine, and good times.

These wings have been part of our Top Table range for a while, and they’ve always been popular with our clients. Aside from the tender meat and the delicious taste, they’ve been praised for being particularly meaty. Since they’ve got a uniform weight and size, it’s easy to calculate profitable serving prices for each of your dishes.

Our Roasted BBQ Wings allow you to serve up a delicious poultry product with a homemade look in record time. Because you don’t need to boil, fry, or marinate the wings yourself, you have a bunch of extra time to spend on incorporating the wings into your dishes.

Serve the Roasted BBQ wings as part of your buffet or as a shared dish in a snack basket or chicken bucket. The wings even work as an individual serving with French fries and a salad. The options are endless, and you can go right ahead and mix this version in with our other chicken wings from Top Table.

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Roasted BBQ wings (1 & 2 joint), 30-40g, 1013231