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Item number: 1054911

Confit de canard


Do you want to save time on making confit de canard from scratch? Our Top Table tinned confit de canard saves you the hassle of all the prep work. We’ve washed the duck legs, dried them, seasoned them with salt, thyme, and garlic, preserved them for 24 hours, and boiled them in their own fat for about four hours. All you have to do is open the tin and use the tender, juicy thighs in your meals!

Confit de canard is a French delicacy. This French origin is something we’ve chosen to honour. Our ducks are born and raised in France in accordance with French traditions. The signature touch is a meaty leg with a good layer of fat, which gives you the best end product. And the duck legs are boiled directly in the tin. This ensures that bacteria are kept out, and it gives the confit de canard a shelf life of four years.

In other words, our tinned confit de canard is a product of uniform quality that make it easy for you to serve this popular French delicacy – regardless of whether you want to fry the skin until crispy and serve the legs as a classic Confit de Canard, or you want to use the meat for duck rillettes, pluck it for sandwiches and burgers, or something completely different.

Order our tinned confit de canard from your local wholesaler or contact one of our consultants.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How many duck legs are in each tin? 4-5 incredibly tender and juicy legs.

Is this a freezer, refrigerator, or non-perishable product? Non-perishable, so it’s easy to store and use.

Can I buy the raw goods directly through you? No, we sell our products through retailers and wholesalers. You can order the product through your local retailer or contact one of our consultants and have them do it for you.


Confit de Canard, 1054911