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Item number: 1008631

Chicken drumsticks 100%, 80-130g

Chicken drumsticks are so delicious that most people don’t mind getting their hands greasy.

The leg is an active muscle, which gives the meat a very deep and intense flavour. The crispy and delicious skin helps to enhance the flavour while providing a delightful contrasting texture between crispy and juicy.

With our chicken drumsticks, we’ve made it easy and appealing for you to serve this popular cut. The meat has a high and consistent quality, and because it doesn’t contain added water you can provide your guests with the pure and natural taste-experience of chicken.

The chicken drumsticks have been neatly cleaned, and they’re ready for you to start cooking them in your kitchen. The products are available as fresh and deep frozen, which means that you are able to choose the type that best suits you and your kitchen. This allows you to reduce the risk of any food waste, and with the recyclable bag, you can strike even more climate gold.

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