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Top Table

Item number: 1025131

Buttermilk breaded chicken strips


There are lots of reasons why buttermilk has achieved global popularity when it comes to marinating chicken.

Buttermilk is the by-product created when cream is churned into butter, and it has an amazing ability to make the meat tender while creating a sour edge with a touch of sweetness that enhances the tasting experience. But, buttermilk does much more than awaken your taste buds. The milk also gives the chicken a crispy surface during breading, which creates a delicious contrast between the texture and the juicy meat.

In other words, our buttermilk-breaded chicken breast strips from Top Table are prepared to give your guests a unique dining experiences to satisfy multiple senses. Neither does it hurt that the small, golden chicken strips are a sight for sore eyes!

The tender and crispy buttermilk chicken strips are ideal for snacking and perfect for tapas tables, buffets, or as ingredients in sandwiches, burgers, or wraps.


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