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Item number: 1054531

Duck leg barbary, 2x300-400g, raw


Bring the delicious taste of duck into your kitchen with our French barbary duck thigh from Chefs Club!

The barbary duck is a muscular bird with a smaller fat percentage than, for example, the Peking duck. This means that the meat is tenderer and juicier, not to mention extra tasty.

So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that many choose to add barbary duck to their menus. Especially during these times when people have started to realise that duck can, and should, be enjoyed all-year round. Our barbary duck leg makes the whole process more appealing to you.

You no longer need to handle and cut up a whole duck – all you have to do is defrost and use the legs. And because the thighs have been neatly trimmed and vacuum-sealed, they’re easy for you and your kitchen staff to deal with. Last but not least, the duck leg comes in a cut with an incredible amount of taste. The leg is an active muscle that the barbary duck knows how to use – and that flavour does the meat a world of good.

In other words, our raw barbary duck leg is a high-quality raw product to which you can go ahead and add your signature touch. Prepare and serve the duck breast fried, roasted, sous vide, cured, smoked, marinated, flambéed, and with or without stuffing – it’s all up to you!

Order our barbary duck leg from your local wholesaler – or contact one of our consultants!


Duck leg barbary, 2x300-400g, 1054531