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Item number: 1053151

Duck breast canette, 170-220g, raw


Our duck breast canette from Chefs Club is a tender, juicy, and tasty duck product just for you!

The breast cut is from a female barbary duck, hence the French name canette. Contrary to our male barbary duck, the canard, this product is the perfect cut for single servings. What’s more, you still get all the best qualities from the muscular barbary duck, including plenty of taste, juiciness, and meat.

The duck breast is cut and prepared in advance, so you save time on handling and cutting up a whole duck. All you have to do is use the duck breast – from frozen. The breast comes neatly trimmed and vacuum-sealed in bags of two, making things even easier for you and your staff.

Now that people are starting to realise that duck is a delicacy to be enjoyed all-year round, our duck breast canette is the ideal product to put on the menu. Add your signature touch to your duck breast, whether you serve it fried, grilled, cured, smoked, marinated, flambéed, sous vide, and with or without stuffing.

Order our duck breast canette from your local wholesaler – or contact one of our consultants!


Duck breast canette, 2x170-220g, 1053151