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Item number: 1050931

Foie gras, whole, 500-600g, raw


On the culinary front, our Chefs Club range has been blessed with a unique duck foie gras!

Périgord in the southwest of France is known for its unspoiled nature and truffle harvest, not to mention its well-maintained kitchen traditions. This area is where classic, French dishes like confit de canard and foie gras originated and, over time, became the luxury goods that they are now.

Naturally, we have selected a foie gras supplier from the Périgord area. This family-owned company has been improving the gastronomical culture in this region of France for generations. Our supplier has even been granted the special regional certification for living up to the strict requirements for maintaining the high-quality culinary traditions of the region.

Our whole duck foie gras gives you a unique raw good that has been neatly trimmed, including removal of the veins. But the most unique thing about this foie gras is that it doesn’t lose a lot of fat during preparation. This ensures that the delicious, fatty consistency that makes foie gras so tasty and irresistible is maintained for all foie gras lovers to enjoy!

So, take your restaurant to new heights with our whole duck foie gras from Chefs Club. Order from your local wholesaler – or contact one of our consultants!


Duck foie gras, whole, 500-600g, 1050931