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Item number: 1050971

Duck foie gras escalope 20-40g


Foie gras is a delicacy that many of your customers like to put on their menus. But for some restaurants, it can be a large and expensive product to deal with. For that reason, we have added a new foie gras product to the Chefs Club selection, aimed at making it easier and more economical for your customers to serve this French delicacy!


This new foie gras product is a pre-sliced version of our popular whole-duck foie gras. This is where the French term ‘escalope’ comes in. The foie gras is sliced into thin slices weighing 20-40 grams and individually frozen in smart zip-lock bags.

This makes it quick and easy for your customers to pick up the amount of foie gras servings needed for their orders. And that’s not all. The foie gras slices can be prepared straight from frozen. Two minutes on both sides, and they’re good to go!



In other words, our new foie gras escalopes makes work easier for your customers. And it increases their flexibility in the kitchen. But if saving time isn’t enough, there’s also another economic advantage to this product.

They no longer need to defrost a whole foie gras and risk not selling it all. By preparing each slice directly from frozen, they finally have complete control over the product and can make sure that none of the precious foie gras goes to waste.



The manufacturer behind our foie gras escalopes is a family-owned French company. Their headquarters are in the rich natural area of Périgord – the place where foie gras was invented and where it has developed into the luxury good it has become.

Since 1936, the manufacturer has worked to become an expert on foie gras, so when we call this a product of the highest quality, we mean it. The ducks are raised outdoors, on grass-covered paths with plenty of shade. They spend their lives on a balanced vegetable diet tailored to their needs.

Your customers can rest easy in the knowledge that the manufacturer has received regional certification proving that they take good care of their ducks. The manufacturer is likewise a member of the Euro Foie Gras organisation which, among other things, have 12 established standards for animal welfare.

Order our new foie gras escalopes from your local wholesaler today – or contact one of our consultants!


Duck foie gras, escalope, 20-40g, 1050971