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Yakitori chicken skewer soya 30g


Our yakitori chicken skewers from Top Table are a true, Asian classic – perfect for serving in your kitchen.

Yakitori is a Japanese word meaning “grilled bird”. It was originally sold at small stands lining the paths to temples and at festivals, but nowadays, the tradition has spread beyond the Japanese borders, and the dish has become a worldwide phenomenon. With our yakitori chicken skewers, you can bring the authentic taste of yakitori straight into your kitchen!

The skewers are handmade and grilled over a charcoal fire – as per tradition. Everything from the cut of the chicken breast fillet to the marinating and packaging of the prepped skewers is carefully carried out by hand.

You no longer have to bother with the preparation that goes into making the tasty, marinated chicken skewers. You can serve up yakitori skewers that not only look, but actually are, homemade in record time.


Five different yakitori skewers, five different experiences

The act of grilling the chicken skewers over a charcoal fire locks in the original taste and, combined with the five different marinades, this results in five unique yakitori skewers to choose from.

  • Yakitori skewer with Satay: Let this delicious peanut butter marinade transport your guests to a foreign land through the Thai kitchen.
  • Yakitori skewer with Chili: Chicken and chili are the ultimate pairing. The mild and tender chicken meat really lets the chili come into its own. That said, the skewers aren’t too spicy.
  • Yakitori skewer with Soy Sauce: The soy marinade combines two proud Japanese traditions to create an authentic combination of tastes
  • Yakitori skewer with BBQ: The traditional, Japanese chicken skewer meets the proud American BBQ tradition. Give your guests an experience to remember when the best of two worlds comes together for the greater good.
  • Yakitori Skewer Mango/Sweet Chili: The skewer has the delicious notes of the fruity mango, as well as the recognisable taste of sweet chili sauce.

We can confidently guarantee that you won’t find better yakitori skewers on the market than these five kinds from Top Table. And with a weight of 30 grams, each yakitori skewer is the ideal size for buffets and children’s menus. Furthermore, yakitori is the perfect chicken snack to sell individually or as part of a larger concept.

Order our yakitori skewers from your local wholesaler today – or contact one of our consultants.