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Item number: 1013571

Fried chicken skewer 30g


The majority of people love a juicy, tasty chicken skewer. And with our fried chicken skewers from Top Table, you can serve up a feast for your guests the quick and easy way.

The skewers are made using chicken fillets that have been sliced and placed onto the skewer by hand. As a result, the skewers look homemade, and frying them creates a nice, fried surface. The skewer itself is made from bamboo and is easy for your guests to hold.

With these fried chicken skewers, you do more than just save time in the kitchen. You also guarantee uniformly high quality for your guests – regardless of who serves the skewers. You no longer need to worry about bacteria, as the skewers have undergone heat treatment and come ready-to-serve.

The skewers are available in four different sizes, so you can find the best size – not to mention the best serving price – that fits you and your kitchen.

The smaller skewers are perfect for buffets, tapas, baked skewers, and children’s menus, while the larger skewers can be sold by the piece as snacks or on a plate alongside a selection of sides.

The fried chicken skewers have a neutral taste, so you can add your signature touch with a mixture of marinades and dips.

Order the fried chicken skewers from your local wholesaler – or contact one of our consultants!