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Item number: 1066311

Fried turkey bacon


Our fried turkey bacon from Top Table is a great alternative to regular pork bacon. It has the same shape and the same salty, smoked taste as regular bacon. But because it’s poultry, it’s healthier for your body and the environment. This means that you can sell it to consumers who prioritize their health and the environment.

The product is made from whole muscles from 58% turkey meat and 19% chicken meat. This creates the best texture and taste. And we don’t use a lot of fat or oil for frying, which contributes further to the already low fat content.

Using fried turkey bacon is a great way to enhance taste and crispiness in your sandwiches, burgers, and salads. In fact, you can use it in all dishes that normally come with bacon. And it’s a good thing to have in stock if you have guests who only eat halal.

The bacon is individually frozen, so you can pull the exact number of bacon pieces you need out of your freezer and use them straight away. The fried turkey bacon is available as 8x500 grams or 3x1500 grams. Depending on what best suits your kitchen!