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Item number: 1025411

Southern Fried chickenfillet 125g


Aside from our Southern Fried breaded inner fillets, our Top Table range also comprises a chicken fillet version. The breading is the same crispy and tasty Southern Fried breading that we all love. Only this time it’s been used to coat some juicy chicken fillets!

The breading has a nicely seasoned taste of pepper, onion, garlic, and celery. And, the crunchy breading serves as a wonderful contrast to the juicy chicken meat. In short, your guests are guaranteed a unique dining experience where taste, texture, and consistency come together to form a greater whole.

The popular Southern Fried breading is often attributed to the African-American kitchen and the popular “soul food” tradition. This combines the American tradition of deep frying chicken with the tasty spices from the West African kitchen. The result of this fusion is a crispy and tasty chicken product that makes your soul happy.

And with this product, you can pass that great experience on to your guests. Just cook the Southern Fried fillets straight from frozen and serve them as a dish or in a burger. You can also cut the crispy, juicy fillets into slices and use them in a Crispy Chicken Salad.


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Did you know that our Southern Fried chicken is also available as chicken drumsticks?