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Item number: 1026031

Breaded chicken inner fillet 30-50g


Most people love crispy fried chicken. That’s why these delicious, breaded chicken inner fillets from Top Table are a guaranteed hit.

Breaded chicken products are often made using mince, but these are made from whole inner fillets. The inner fillet is the tenderest cut on the entire chicken, and it’s referred to as the “tenderloin of chicken” with good reason. Furthermore, the crispy breading gives the inner fillets an amazing texture, creating a delicious contrast between the juicy chicken meat and the crispy breading.

In other words, this is a quality product that’s bound to take your guests by storm, and it barely takes any time to prep and serve it. The breaded inner fillets can be deep fried or cooked in the oven, straight from frozen. Thanks to the zip lock bag, you no longer need to bother with rubber bands and plastic clips. It even helps you avoid any damage from the frost – an extra advantage for anyone who wants to reduce food waste!

The delicious and crispy inner fillets have a neutral taste, so you can go ahead and add your signature touch with a mixture of dressings and dips. Serve them as finger foods, sides, in a snack basket, as part of a buffet, or on a plate with fries. Or, you could use them in a crispy chicken burger or wrap.


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