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Top Table

Item number: 1027151

Breaded hot kicking wings


Get ready, get set … Our new Hot Kicking Wings from Top Table are going to blow the minds of your guests!

The wings are coated in a crisp breading which combined with the meat creates a fantastic texture. And what’s more … The crispy wings have a delicious, spicy flavour which is somewhat hot but not burning. So they can be enjoyed by everyone!

With the crisp breadcrumb coating your guests avoid sticky fingers which makes the wings perfect to go. And if you serve them in your kitchen, get ready to sell more thirst-quenchers, too.

With the new Hot Kicking Wings, you get a crispy and juicy snack product, which you can serve quickly and easily. The wings may be heated directly from the freezer in the oven or in the deep fryer. Offer the wings as a snack or a side dish and increase sales in your kitchen.

You may also serve the breaded wings along with our breaded chicken fillets, inner filets, and drumsticks. All of a sudden you have a new and alternative version of the traditional half fried chicken. An original concept in a time where crispy chicken is more popular than ever!

Order the new Hot Kicking Wings from your local wholesaler – or contact one of our consultants!