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Item number: 1025291

Breaded chicken burger, 140 g


Our XL crispy breaded chicken burger from Top Table is perfect for this day and age, in which crispy fried chicken is a sure hit. Plus, it’s an amazing menu item for most burger lovers!

The burgers are made from juicy, tender chicken breast fillets and baked in a tasty and crispy Cornflakes breading. This creates a delicious contrast between the crispy and the juicy part of the chicken that just melts in your mouth.

The breaded chicken burgers have been flash fried at an extremely high temperature, which traps the taste and the juiciness. This method of frying, which comes from the Chinese kitchen, also ensures that the burgers don’t absorb too much oil.

Your guests can enjoy these crispy, juicy, and tasty chicken burgers with a clean conscience!


Tailored to your burgers – and your kitchen

We call our crispy chicken burger ‘XL’ because it weighs 140 grams and has a diameter of around 13 centimetres.

The size of the burger makes it perfect for most buns. This makes it easy to calculate the cost per burger while also guaranteeing that your guests get the same good, filling experience every time.

Furthermore, the chicken burgers can be cooked in the oven or deep fryer straight from frozen. Seeing as they’re frozen separately, it’s easy to pull out the exact number you need. This means that you save time on defrosting, and you avoid food waste, which adds to the bottom line.

Order our XL crispy breaded chicken burger from your local wholesaler – or contact one of our consultants!