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Item number: 1018091

Steamed chicken fillet dices 12mm


Our steam cooked chicken breast fillet in dices are the ideal product for anyone who needs to whip up a salad, soup, or something else with the taste of chicken at a moment’s notice.

The dices are made using whole breast fillets, which are then boiled and sliced into small, neat dices. This gives you the pure taste of chicken without having to spend any time on handling, preparation, or cutting it up. Furthermore, the cut of the chicken dices makes them look homemade when you serve them to your guests.

With a size of 12mm, these dices are smaller than some of our other chicken dices from Top Table. This makes them particularly suitable for use in salads and soups, where their bitesize, juicy meat, not to mention their great flavour, gives your dishes a little something extra.

The steam cooked chicken dices have a neutral taste, so you can add your own signature touch before serving them. All you have to do is defrost the dices straight from the bag and use them in your dishes. It doesn’t get any easier than that, and Top Table guarantees excellent quality every time.


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