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Top Table

Item number: 1026151

Battered chicken chunks 18g


Battered chicken chunks are a special kind of nugget. Instead of mince, the chunks are made using small, fine cuts from a whole piece of chicken breast fillet. This gives the chunks a natural shape, while the authentic structure of the fillet is maintained. And thanks to the thin coating of dough, you can rest assured that these chunks create an amazing dining experience for your guests!

The battered chicken chunks from Top Table are inspired by the Asian kitchen, where the chefs cut the fillets into small pieces before coating them with dough and deep frying them.

You save a lot of time because these chicken chunks just need to be heated from frozen in an oven or a deep fryer. But even though you save lots of time, you still get a great end result that looks homemade and is always of the highest quality. Regardless of who’s serving them.

The majority of kitchens stand to benefit from our battered chicken chunks. Serve them in Asian dishes, in takeaway boxes, or you can incorporate them into your children’s menu or your fast food menu. Don’t miss out – or make your guests miss out – on these unique chunks from Top Table!

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