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Item number: 1025251

Battered chicken burger, 100g


Do you have burgers on your menu? Then you should treat your guests with our battered chicken burgers from Top Table!

The burgers are made from chicken breast fillets, so you get the pure taste of chicken. The chicken is coated with a thin layer of dough to create a crispy surface, giving the burger an amazing texture all around the juicy meat.

The battered chicken burgers have a standard weight of 100 grams, and they’re suitable for big and small buns alike. On top of that, the burgers can be cooked straight from frozen, so they’re easy for everyone to make, and they help reduce food waste.

Seeing as the burgers are baked in dough rather than breadcrumbs, they don’t create a mess if you choose to deep fry them. If you need to cook for many people at once, you can achieve a good, lean result by warming them up on a rack in the oven.

The battered chicken burgers are perfect for this day and age, in which crispy fried chicken is a sure hit. On top of that, chicken is a more environmentally friendly source of protein than beef, so a delicious “Crispy Chicken Burger” is perfect for the more environmentally engaged diners.

Order our battered chicken burgers from your local wholesaler – or contact one of our consultants!