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Hot & spicy breaded chicken fillet


Do you want to challenge your customers’ taste buds?

Throughout the past years, a tendency has emerged, in which customers have developed a taste for spicier foods. A lot of people believe that spicy foods are extremely tasty. But that might not be the only explanation for this development.

Chili is often used to bring out the spiciness in food. Additionally, Chili contains a substance which provides the body with a ‘feel good’ sensation. This is sort of the same feeling of well-being you achieve whenever you go to the gym.

Of course, it’s the spicy flavour that’s causing the popularity. Naturally, this has led to large food chains such as McDonalds and others to add spicy alternatives to their menus.

Now, you’re able to get the same opportunity with our Hot & Spicy chicken breast fillet from Top Table.

The chicken breast fillets are placed in a marinade that consists of chili, oregano, and thyme for a lot of hours. The lengthy time in the marinade provides you with a super tender piece of chicken that tastes deliciously spicily.

After the chicken fillets have been marinated, they are covered in breadcrumbs by hand to ensure that your customers experience a perfect, crispy bite.

So, if you want to give your customers a spicy and crispy eating experience, then you should serve these Hot & Spicy chicken breast fillets in a:

Hot & Spicy burger, or Salad with Hot & Spicy shredded chicken breast fillet, Or in an egg wrap.

If you want more serving suggestions, then please contact one of our consultants or just order at your local wholesaler.