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Top Table

Item number: 1023011

Roasted chicken fillet dices 12 mm


Chicken dices are a great ingredient for salads and salad bars, or as pizza and soup toppings, but making the small dices from scratch takes up a lot of time. With our roasted chicken fillet in dices from Top Table, you can now cut out the prep work altogether! The dices are ready to serve!

The roasted chicken dices are made from raw, whole fillets that are cut into small dices once cooked. This ensures that the meat is both tender and juicy!

Furthermore, the dices are of high, uniform quality. This saves you lots of time, and you can count on your guests getting the same excellent dining experience every time.


Two different kinds of dices

Our Top Table range comprises two different kinds of chicken dices:

This allows you to choose between a version that you can season and marinate yourself, and a version that comes with a mild, seasoned taste of paprika, garlic, and pepper.

Both types of chicken dices are perfect for salads and salad bars. You just have to defrost them, and then they’re ready to give your salads a delicious taste of umami. The dices are also great for pizza toppings, pies, and soups.

Order our roasted chicken fillet in dices from your local wholesaler – or contact one of our consultants.