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Buttermilk breaded chicken popcorn


Popcorn – that’s made from corn, right?

Yeah, popcorn is originally made from corn, but in 1992 a large chain of American chicken restaurants introduced Chicken popcorn. This meant a small piece of chicken that has been breaded and then fried in oil. The product became very popular, and the chain has kept it on the menu in a lot of countries all over the world.

We have now developed 2 versions of Chicken Popcorn for our Top Table assortment.

We make our chicken popcorn from whole pieces of chicken breast meat to maintain the flavour and texture of the chicken. We cover it with just a thin layer of breading, in order to keep the meat from ‘disappearing’ within the breading.

The 2 flavours are:

Our Southern Fried version has really swept our customers off their feet. Ever since we launched our first Southern Fried products in 2012, both our sales and our assortment have developed greatly.

The taste of crispy chicken combined with delicious spices have made our products very popular in a lot of restaurants and eating establishments, and especially with their customers.

Buttermilk works really well with chicken. In addition to an amazing flavour, buttermilk also contains a little bit of acid. This means that the buttermilk is able to tenderise the chicken without adding too much flavour, which is often seen with other marinades (such as vinegar). Buttermilk also contains enzymes that break down protein, and this makes the chicken extra tender.

The Chicken Popcorn products from Top Table not only bring a lot flavour to the table, they’re also so easy to cook. This gives you the possibility to serve an easy-to-cook and exciting dish in record time for your customers.

You might serve them as:

An easy and size-appropriate snack for children, or “Chicken Popcorn before movie” or as a new twist for cafés - "Salad & Popcorn".

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