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Item number: 1080251

Guinea fowl supreme, raw, 180-220g


Guinea fowl supreme is one of our unique poultry specialties from Chefs Club.

The guinea fowl is an active and lively bird that likes to fly around. As a result, the meat on this kind of bird tends to be darker and leaner than that of a chicken. At the same time, the taste is more prominent and has a wild edge. Because the guinea fowl naturally uses its chest and wing muscles a lot, there are no tastier and more unique cuts than a supreme!

The guinea fowl started out as a wild bird in Guinea in West Africa, hence its name. But these days, the birds are raised for meat, primarily in France. Our guinea fowl supreme are raised in the Brittany area, in the mild climate on the west coast of France.

Once slaughtered, the guinea fowl is sliced into supreme cuts by hand, keeping the breast, wing, and skin intact. They are then frozen to ensure that the product remains fresh until it reaches your kitchen. And as we freeze them in packs of two, it’s nice and easy to defrost the exact number of cuts you need. Just stick them in the fridge the day before, and they’re good to go.

Do you want to give your guests the unique experience of guinea fowl supreme? Order today from your local wholesaler – or contact one of our consultants!