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Item number: 1003518

Organic chicken fillet, raw


The size of our organic chicken fillet from Chefs Club tells the story of a bird that has lived a healthy and active life.

The large breast fillets are sourced from the Ross breed raised on a farm in the Italian mountains. In the sunny and moist Mediterranean climate, the bird has built up natural, strong muscle that has made it robust and disease-resistant.

This upbringing has made its positive mark on the meat and taste of our organic chicken fillets, and we’ve even prepped the product so all you have to do is add your signature touch. The fillets are neatly trimmed, and the skin has been removed so you’re able to save time on handling – and all you pay for are the grams you receive.

To ensure that you receive clean, organic raw goods and the chance to serve an authentic taste of chicken to your customers, the organic chicken thighs comes without brine. Whether you want to serve the fillet fried, smoked, or grilled, with or without marinade, in baked dishes, pasta dishes, or rice dishes, plucked in a sandwich or salad, or in another way altogether.

An amazing chicken product for anyone who wants to put more organic meat on their menus!

Read more about animal welfare and our organic supplier in Italy


Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the product have the Keyhole Label? Yes, it is both certified organic and Keyhole labelled.

Can I buy the raw goods directly through you? No, we sell our products through retailers and wholesalers. You can order the product through your local wholesaler or contact one of our consultants and have them do it for you.