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Item number: 1003538

Organic chicken fillet w. skin raw


Our raw, organic chicken fillet with skin is impressive in both size and taste. The breast fillet is sourced from the Ross breed, which, through organic upbringing, has the ability to grow big and strong in no time. And, this is the exact framework it is given during its lifetime in the Italian mountains.

The sunny and moist Mediterranean climate allows the bird to build up a natural and powerful muscle mass. So, it’s no surprise that our customers are impressed by the sight of our organic chicken breast fillet with skin from Chefs Club.

The skin itself helps trap the moisture and give the clean, white breast meat its authentic chicken flavour. Many of our customers choose to prepare the large fillets with the skin still on, after which they pluck the meat or cut it into slices. The product presents a variety of options for putting organic chicken meat on the menu, whether in cold or hot dishes. On top of that, the skin can be fried until crisp, acting as a bacon substitute to ensure that no gram is wasted.

Give your guests an authentic taste of chicken and put good animal welfare on the menu with our organic chicken fillet with skin!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the product contain brine? No, you receive the clean, organic raw good and the chance to serve an authentic taste of chicken to your customers.

Does the product have the Keyhole Label? Yes, it is both certified organic and Keyhole labelled.

Can I buy the raw goods directly through you? No, we sell our products through retailers and wholesalers. You can order the product through your local wholesaler or contact one of our consultants and have them do it for you.