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Item number: 1003458

Organic wholechicken 1700-2400g raw


Our organic whole chicken from Chefs Club makes it possible to put organic food and animal welfare on the agenda.

The chicken is raised slowly on an Italian farm where it is free to roam the mountainside. The bird is healthy and solid, making it perfect for an outdoorsy life. As the bird has a lively nature, it enjoys the Mediterranean climate, with its sunny summers and temperate winters, where it can spend most of its life outdoors.

The combination of the unique breed and the good, natural conditions work wonders for the taste of  the organic whole chicken. The signature trait is the large, meaty thighs with taste aplenty, not to mention the firm, juicy breast fillets.

In other words, the chicken is covered with amazing cuts, and you can use every last bone. The carcass is perfect for boiling a strong broth that can be used for soups, sauces, and/or risottos. This allows you to add organic chicken to your menu in a variety of contexts – and to top it off, this product is easy on your finances!

Last but not least, the organic chicken is cleaned thoroughly in advance, meaning that you save time and money on the handling. The perfect raw good for those who want to add more organic options to their menus.  

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