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Item number: 1066131

Turkey bacon, raw


Our turkey bacon from Chefs Club is a high-quality raw product with the smoky and salted flavour that we know and love from regular bacon.

Turkey bacon is a healthier and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional pork bacon. Adding it to your menu satisfies three large demographics: those who don’t eat pork, those who want to reduce their CO2 emissions, and those who want to be healthier.

Aside from the smoky and salted flavour, our turkey bacon is a gorgeous, lean piece of meat that comes neatly trimmed and ready to be used from room temperature. This makes it easy for you to handle the product, allowing you to focus on preparing the turkey bacon in the oven or by frying it.

The turkey bacon can be used in all the same dishes that normally call for regular pork bacon. Everything from stews and sandwiches to salads and brunches.

Order our smoked and salted turkey bacon from your local wholesaler – or contact one of our consultants!