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Chefs Club

Item number: 1001131

Whole chicken A-grade, 1200g, raw


It’s no coincidence that our customers point to Chefs Club’s whole chickens as the best on the market. Our chickens are firm and incredibly meaty. On top of that, they have a solid, strong taste that contributes to an authentic dining experience.

The whole chickens are cleaned thoroughly in advance. There is nothing to cut off and no guts to remove. This means that you save time and money on the handling of these raw chickens. What’s more, the chickens practically don’t shrink during preparation, and the meat retains its juiciness.

In other words, you receive a quality product that you can use in a variety of contexts. Regardless of whether you want to serve old-fashioned chicken or halves of a roasted chicken or whether you want to boil it and pluck it for other dishes.

When the quality is so high and the product is so perfect, it doesn’t even need to be fresh. It might not be the cheapest product, but it’s the best.” – Morten Nielsen, canteen head chef

The whole chickens are available in 1100g, 1200g, 1300g, and 1400g. That leaves you free to choose whichever size works for your kitchen.

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